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Why It Is Important to be Completely Honest in a Flatmate Wanted Ad

Living with a flatmate is a great way to live. You can split the bills and rent, as well as making a new friend along the way. But if you do not get on with your flatmate, it can make your living situation a bit of a nightmare.

So, the natural question is; how can I find a good flatmate? Well, the answer is, you have to be completely honest on your flatmate wanted ad. This is how you are going to find people to live with and if you lie and exaggerate in your advertisement, you are going to attract the wrong kind of people. The best thing you can do is be open and the right people are going to come along.

So, what should you be honest about in your flatmate wanted at? Let’s take a look so you can find the right flatmate.

Let Them Know the Costs

A big decision for people about your property will be the cost. You should be upfront about the rent they are paying and even let them know roughly what the cost of bills and other payments are. The last thing you want is for applicants to not be able to afford living there. In the long run, this is not going to help anyone and will most likely leave you looking for another flatmate.

Share the Right Location

We all know that location is important when it comes to finding a new place to live. But be sure that you are honest about this in your flatmate wanted ad. Again, there is no benefit in exaggerating where your property is located. Simply being honest will make sure the right applicants come along. So, you can highlight nearby attractions and transportation in your flatmate wanted ad; just not incorrect ones.

Tell Them About the Current Flatmates

It is always beneficial to mention the current flatmates living in your property. Everyone should be aware of who they are living with, as well as it being an opportunity to make new friends. So, include some information in your flatmate wanted ad about the people living there. This includes their ages, gender and perhaps some of their interests. This will give everyone the best opportunity to find somewhere they enjoy living and for all flatmates to get on well.

Show Them the Property

Of course, when you are advertising your property, you have to be honest and show everyone what you are offering. This means including photos of what the room looks like, as well as other communal rooms in the house. You do not want to waste your time and the best way to find the perfect flatmate is to show everything in advance. This way, you will only get serious applicants contacting you. At mogeo.com you can add expectations and we'll match the applicants, providing you with a compatibility rating for each applicant, helping you to make an informed decision when choosing your perfect flatmate.

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