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What Photos Should I Include in a Flatmate Wanted Ad?

When you are looking for a new flatmate, you want to make your home or apartment look as appealing as possible. Of course, you also want to attract the right people that are trustworthy and you will get along with. To achieve this, you have got to write the perfect flatmate wanted ad.

While you know that you have to go into detail about the location of your house and what it is like to live in, you should also include photographs. A lot of people underestimate how important photos are and the impact they can have on your wanted ad. Potential flatmates like to visualise what the apartment or house looks like before they contact you about living there.

So, let’s have a look at some of the best photos that you should include in your flatmate wanted ad.

The Neighbourhood

Your flatmate is going to want to know about the location before they live there. Do you live in a quiet neighbourhood or are you near to shops and restaurants? You should include a photograph of your surrounding area so that flatmates can decide whether this is the kind of neighbourhood they would enjoy staying in.

You should also take some photos of the outside of your house or apartment. This can show your potential flatmate what they can expect when they arrive. For privacy reasons, it may be best to blur out the number of your home. This can be given to people once they enquire about your property.

The Room On Offer

Of course, most of the photos should be of the vacant room you are advertising. This is going to be the space that everyone wants to see before they decide to move in. A wide angle shot is going to capture how much space there is in the room. People will be able to think about whether they can imagine themselves living there. It also gives them an idea of what furniture they would have to buy. In addition, it is help to take photos of any storage space there are like wardrobes or if there is an en suite bathroom.

Communal Areas

Potential flatmates will also want to see what the communal areas look like. This includes the kitchen space, dining room, living room and bathroom. Having high-quality photos of these areas will allow flatmates to see if they can imagine spending time here.

In addition, you can provide more detail on the communal areas, such as the storage that they have. Perhaps they have certain drawers or cupboard in the kitchen that are designated for them or space in the bathroom for toiletries. Make sure you check out mogeo.com for a free algorithm to predict the flatmate applicant compatibility.

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