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Ways an Algorithm Can Help You Find the Perfect Roommate

Are you searching for a new roommate? Finding someone to live with can be difficult. You know what they say; you don’t really know someone until you live with them. But the good news is that there are ways you can predict compatibility and find the ‘perfect roommate’. This involves using an algorithm.

So, you may be wondering; what is an algorithm? Well, this is what a computer uses an artificial intelligence to solve a problem or find an answer. It’s a process that follows instructions and comes up with the best answer depending on what selections are made along the way. Essentially, you can answer a range of questions in an online form and be matched with flatmates that would be a good choice for you. Doesn’t that sound great?

Using an algorithm is a great way to save you time finding a flatmate. Posting on message boards or creating adverts online all takes time. But the worst part is interviewing and connecting with lots of people that just aren’t right for you to live with. If you’ve got bills and a mortgage or rent to pay, you may be looking for someone quickly. An algorithm can not only help you find the right person, but help you speed up the process too.

Of course, it’s equally important that you make the right decision choosing a flatmate. You want somebody who is similar to you and that you can connect with. This means having the same interests, habits and expectations. Using an algorithm predicts compatibility before a new roommate moves in. This can avoid bad experiences and regretting your decision later on. You can set it up so that it knows how clean you like your house, what type of people live there and other important information. This can be used to test flatmates to see if they’ll fit into the setup. All you’ve got to do is post this link on your advertisement and potential applicants also complete the quiz. You’ll then have results to see if you’re compatible.

At the end of the day, you want to be comfortable in your own home and who you’re living with. It would be beneficial to get an insight into the personality of a new roommate before they move in. Using an algorithm is the way to do that. You can make an informed decision and the best one for you so that nothing goes wrong.

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