• Adam

Using Technology to Test Flatmate Compatibility

We’ve all heard those horror stories about somebody moving in with you that’s a total nightmare. From leaving lots of dirty dishes in the sink to having out of control parties; this is probably not the flatmate you were looking for.

These examples may be an exaggeration. But we all know it’s easy to find roommates, but harder to find ones that you like. Living together with other people can be hard and that’s why it’s crucial you choose someone that you can be friends. You also want to be compatible when it comes to socialising, cleanliness and schedules.

If only there was a way to predict the best flatmate. Well actually, there is! Modern technology now means you can use artificial intelligence to find somebody that you would be compatible to live with. Special algorithms can be created to make your decision a lot easier. Basically, you can find out if you’ll get along before saying they can move in. This can avoid any conflict ahead of time and hopefully mean you can be friends with your new flatmate.

How does an algorithm work? This all happens online using a computer. There is software that you can use to help you find your ideal roommate. All you’ve got to do is fill in a questionnaire about your personality and living arrangement. This is going to be used to find a good roommate. You’ll share the link to the questionnaire on your advertisement and potential flatmates can fill it out. You’ll be able to see how compatible they are with you. This can help narrow down the competition and only interview people that have the same thoughts as you.

Co-living should be fun and an enjoyable experience, no matter what age you are. Taking advantage of the progression of artificial intelligence is the way to avoid a lot of hassle. You can find the perfect flatmate for you.

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