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The Five Things You Should Not Forget to Mention on a Flatmate Wanted Ad

If you are new to writing a flatmate wanted ad, it can get confusing. It is hard to know all of the information you should include on your ad to ensure people take notice. Of course, you want to make sure it appeals to the as many people as possible so that you can fill your spare room. But you also want to make sure you attract the right people too.

Let’s have a look at the five things you should not forget to mention when you are writing your flatmate wanted ad.

The Location

First of all, you always want to describe the location of your apartment or house. This will make sure that you receive interest from the right people that want to stay in the area. Be sure to mention the surrounding location of your home, as well as what kind of property you are advertising. While it may seem like obvious information, it is often these kinds of details that are omitted without realising.

Although, you have to be careful about listing the location of your house or apartment for privacy reasons. It may be best to only disclose the street or building name of your property on your flatmate wanted ad. This way the person can look into the neighbor and location but without knowing private details. When they contact you saying they are interested, you will then be able to disclose this information to potential flatmates.

Rent Prices and other Expenses

You may be apprehensive about listing the cost of rent straight away as you do not want to seem like you are all about the money at first. But it is best to have this information freely available from the beginning. This way you will not have your time wasted by people that are interested in being a flatmate but cannot afford the rent.

You should also take the time in your flatmate wanted ad to mention any other expenses they can expect to pay. This includes the cost of utilities, as well as parking fees and cleaning rates. This way your potential flatmate knows exactly want to expect.

Up-To-Date Contact Information

Always make sure to leave some of your personal details on your flatmate wanted ad. This will let people contact you for more information or to arrange a viewing. Of course, your privacy is also important so you do not have to overshare. You may only want to include your first name and not your surname. In addition, you can use your email address for contact rather than a phone number. This will be your decision on how you would like to be contacted by potential flatmates.

Pet Friendliness

We know that we are a country of pet lovers. This means that there is bound to be people looking at your flatmate wanted ad who have a pet. It is important to include information on whether you allow pets in your home or not. This will save them contacting you to find out later on. If you do allow pets, mention what kind of garden you have and if it has high fences of if it is a space neighbour.

The Features of the Room

It is obvious that you have a room in your house or apartment free for a flatmate. But it is helpful to include more information than this to gain interest. Start by thinking about what is included with the room. For example, is there any furniture there already, such as a bed? Is it carpeted or is there enough storage space for a lot of belongings? Having detailed information available about the accommodation is going to make more people interested in your property and want to stay. Remember that Mogeo.com will also provide a free compatibility analysis on all applicants, matching you with the right applicant based on similar expectations around cleanliness, noise, visitors, socializing and personality data.

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