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The Best Words and Phrases to Use in a Flatmate Wanted Ad

When you are writing a flatmate wanted ad, you want it to stand out from the crowd. After all, there are going to be lots of other advertisements in the area and you want to make sure people notice your one. The best the advertisement, the sooner you can find a flatmate to live with.

So, how can you make your flatmate wanted ad unique and attractive? Well, there are some words and phrases that are going to allow you to stand out and appeal to the people you are looking for. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Lively and Sociable

A lot of people want to live somewhere where they can get on with their flatmates. It is more than just a room; it is also about making friends and having a good time. If this sounds like someone you want to share a home with, try using words such as ‘lively’ or ‘sociable’ in your flatmate wanted ad. This will show that you like to make friends and have some fun on the weekends or evenings. It may also appeal to younger flatmates rather than professionals wanting somewhere quiet to live.

Clean and Organised

Looking for flatmates that are going to be clean and tidy? Well, be sure to use the words ‘clean and organised’ in your flatmate wanted ad. Making everyone aware of what your property like is essential for attracting the right people. You can also mention that you have a cleaning so everyone is aware of what they are getting themselves into from the beginning.

Central Location

If your property enjoys a great location that is in the centre of town, be sure to mention this. A lot of professionals who have jobs in the city or want to be in the middle of all the action will want to know your property is in a good location. It is best to avoid your exact location until people inquire about your advert, but you can use the phrase ‘central location’ and even mention where your property is near.

Modern and New

If your property has recently been renovated or features new appliances and furniture, make sure you add this to your description. Flatmates often are looking for modern properties to live in and call home. This can make your advert stand out from other houses and apartments that may not be as up-to-date.

Remember that Mogeo.com will also provide a free compatibility analysis on all applicants, matching you with the right applicant based on similar expectations around cleanliness, noise, visitors, socializing and personality data.

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