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How to Take Good Photos for your Flatmate Wanted Ad

If there is one thing that every flatmate wanted ad should contain, it is high-quality photographs. Everyone wants to see the place that they will be living in, yet it is often something that is overlooked during the creation of the advertisement. So, set aside some time to take good photos and this can double the number of people that are interested in your apartment or house.

Let’s take at how you can take good photos for your flatmate wanted ad today.

Start by Tidying Up

Nobody wants to see a messy and dirty apartment. So, before you start to practice your photography skills, make sure you clean the place up. This means making the bed, using a vacuum and washing all the dishes. In addition, you can de-clutter surfaces and places that you will be taking photos of. This is going to make your property a lot more appealing in photos. The last thing you want is to give off the impression that you do not take care of your property.

Use the Natural Light

Using artificial light for your photos can make the place look less appealing. It can cause colour changes and even make the place look dull depending on where the light is located. The best thing you can do is take photos during the day when you have natural light. This can give an accurate representation of the room and its colours. If the natural light does not work because of the location of your apartment or house, you can even try using editing software to get it looking its best.

Take Different Angles

You may think that one photo of a room is enough for your flatmate wanted ad. But it can actually be beneficial to take photos from different angles. This can give a more accurate representation of what the room looks like and how big it is. So, take your time and think about where the best angles are. For example, it could be better to stand in the doorway to capture the room or perhaps tilt the camera to capture the flooring.

Shoot from the Outside

A lot of people focus on taking photos of the inside of the property. Of course, this is important and will let the person see whether they want to stay there. But it is also beneficial to shoot the outside too. This can let everyone see what the property looks like and even the street that it is on. Remember that Mogeo.com will also provide a free compatibility analysis on all applicants, matching you with the right applicant based on similar expectations around cleanliness, noise, visitors, socializing and personality data.

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