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How to Make Sure You Get Lots of Applications for Your Flatmate Wanted Ad

The chances are, if you are creating a flatmate wanted ad, you want to find a flatmate as soon as possible. Well, there are some things you can do to make sure that happens sooner rather than later. This means including certain details in your flatmate wanted ad that are going to attract people to your advertisement rather than skip over it.

Let’s take a look at how you can make sure your flatmate wanted ad gets lots of applications.

Use Positive Words and Statements

The last thing anyone wants to read is a flatmate wanted ad that is full of restrictions and negativity. For example, it is easy to write everything you are not looking for, but instead you can highlight the positives that you like. For example, instead of writing ‘no cats’, perhaps mention that you ‘prefer dogs’. You want your new flatmate to feel like they are being welcomed into your home, instead of being restricted from doing something. Another example is instead of stating that you do not want students, you can positively say that you are looking for professionals.

Take Good Photographs

The quality of the photographs can really affect the success of your flatmate wanted ad. Everyone wants a visual of the property before they inquire about it. So, take some time to choose good photos that show your home in the best light. Be sure to capture the room they will be staying in, as well as the living room, kitchen and bathroom. You should tidy the place before you take them, as well as use the natural light. You will be surprised how much of a difference this can make.

State the Monthly Price

A lot of people assume that not stating the monthly rent will increase interest in a property. But it actually has the opposite effect. People want to know what they are getting themselves into and it is best to be honest from the beginning. This means stating the monthly price of the property. That way you can attract the right flatmates with your wanted ad that are willing to pay that price.

Talk About the Location

The location of your property is a big selling factor when it comes to renting out a room. If your property is centrally located or near to public transport, make sure that this is stated on your flatmate wanted ad. Think about anything that is located near you that you think will appeal to people, such as a large grocery store, entertainment centre or business district.

Mention Unique Features

Is there anything about your property that is unique and you think that someone would love? Perhaps you have lovely countryside views from your window or there are multiple bathrooms or an en suite for your flatmate. These are details that are going to make your property more appealing and attract more attention. In particular, features in the room they will be renting will be important. Make sure you check out mogeo.com for a free algorithm to predict the flatmate applicant compatibility.

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