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How Much Detail Should You Reveal in a Flatmate Wanted Ad?

When you are looking for a flatmate, writing the wanted ad can be difficult. Of course, you want as many applicants as possible to rent out your room quickly. But you also want to attract the right type of people that you want to live with.

So, how much detail should you reveal in a flatmate wanted ad? Well, the answer to this question is it depends. You’ll want to let your flatmate know as much as possible and truthful facts but without jeopardising your privacy. Let’s take a closer look.

The Location

In your flatmate wanted ad, it is not necessary to state the apartment number or the exact street number of your property. This is something that you can reveal when people inquire and are serious about renting a room. Instead, you can state where your property is near so that people can see if it is near their work or it is in an area they like. After all, you do not want to go around giving out your full address to everyone on the internet.

The Monthly Rent

You should always reveal the monthly rent in your flatmate wanted ad. There is no point in being deceitful and not making people aware of what they are paying. You may think that not mentioning the price increases interest in your property. But this is not always the case. You want people to inquire about your wanted ad that are serious and this means telling them the monthly rent amount from the beginning. So, be sure to tell everyone the monthly price on your wanted ad so everyone can see it.

The Current Flatmates

If you already have flatmates in your home, it can be beneficial to talk about them in your wanted ad. This does not have to be their life story or lots of detail about yourself. But it can be helpful to outline what you like and some of your interests. This can be helpful in finding a like-minded flatmate that you can become friends with. You can reveal your gender and age, as well as how sociable your home is. You can also list some of your interests to see what you have in common with applicants.

Your Contact Details

Of course, you always have to include your contact details with your flatmate wanted ad. This is going to be how they contact you if they are interested in your property. But it is not the best idea to give out all of your personal details. Normally, it is recommended to give out your email for contact. This is going to let you know if anyone is interested but also keep some privacy. You may find that your mobile phone is bombarded with calls and texts if you give out your number.

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