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Get Your Trademe Flatmate Wanted Fee ($10) On Us!

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

If you're based in New Zealand, and looking for a flatmate we have a limited time offer available. For the month of March we're offering to cover your Flatmate Wanted fee* on Trademe ($9.90), subject to a few conditions of course. During this time, if you send us the link to your Trademe advertisement, together with your flats Mogeo URL in the description we'll reimburse you $10 (paid through PayPal). So, basically: -Go to https://www.mogeo.com/ and click on Free Version -Register your flat and have your flatmates fill out their sections -Post the link we generate for you in the description of the Trademe Flatmate Wanted ad -Send your Trademe Flatmate wanted ad through the contact form on the home page. -We'll send an email through PayPal to the email address you provide with the NZ$10 * Only open to 50 flats only, so get in quick! *Flatmate Wanted ad

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