Why do you ask the questions you do?

While some of the questions on the face of it might not seem directly relevant to co-living, we've designed the questions specifically to get the information we need to deliver the most accurate compatibility rating.

Where is the information stored?

Coming 28/3/19

Is it secure?

Coming 28/3/19

Who can see the data I submit?

We process the information you submit and once it's been analysed using the algorithm, we show a summary of the results and a compatibility rating to the head tenant of the flat you are applying for, Specifically, this includes:

  • Summary of what areas you match highly on

  • Summary of similar values and interests

  • Summary of areas that you need to address

  • Compatibility rating

  • Contact details

This is also what's shown to you at the end of your questionnaire.​

Who is the key contact at Mogeo.com?

Adam Hutchinson LinkedIn

Who should I contact if I have a concern about my information?

You can contact support@mogeo.com for any concerns you have.