Technology that helps determine the perfect flatmate for your flat.

If you're looking to  match compatible flatmates, roommates or co-living groups,
our technology can help you make the right decision. Saving you the time and stress of making the wrong decision. Unlike message boards packed with strangers or another 'friend-of-a-friend',
our unique algorithm interprets a range of factors to determine the perfect combination.
Simply have your flatmates fill out the 7-10 minute form below, then paste a link into your existing Flatmate Wanted advertisement on whatever site you are advertising on.
We'll deliver a real-time list of all compatible applicants based on the data from your existing flat.
Our Story

We're a team of five based across Auckland, Christchurch and San Francisco. Our team consists of two Psychology Researchers, one Software Engineer, one Data Scientist and a Product guy. This journey started for us in 2018 when we started to explore using Artificial Intelligence to improve co-living.

Our Vision

Our vision is quite simple.
Help create the best possible
co-living experiences around the world using Artificial Intelligence. 

How Is It Free?

We offer a free version for non-commercial purposes. All we ask in return is that you give us feedback on your flatting experience once we've provided the match. This helps us improve the algorithm through Machine Learning which we charge commercial uses for.


How the Free Version works

Existing Flatmates

First you need to register your flat.
All existing flatmates then fill in a seven minute living/personality questionnaire. We then generate a link for you to post within your flatmate wanted advertisement on whatever advertising platform you choose.

Potential Flatmates

All flatmates that are interested in your flat are asked to fill out a shortened version of the form. We'll generate a list of matches in real-time so you can take out the guess work around compatibility. 


The Worlds First

Co-living  Compatibility Algorithm.


Got a unique co-living situation or a commercial use?
Contact us.
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